Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Counsellor


What is it good for?
What to expect

We will identify the main issues that are causing you concern and distress.

We will agree a treatment plan which will assist you in dealing more competently with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavioural patterns.

You are encouraged to be pro-active with your learning and to identify where you can apply these newly acquired skills, putting them into practice between the sessions.

We will work closely together in a safe and confidential environment, which enables you to develop these skills and techniques.  You will gradually find that you feel more positive and able to handle previously difficult situations more effectively.

You will not be judged and I provide a safe haven where you can explore emotions and behaviours that you would like to adjust.

Clients usually contract for six sessions of 55 minutes which are initially held on a weekly basis.  Thereafter, we review your progress and negotiate the frequency of appointments according to individual requirements.

I look forward to meeting you, explaining how I work and assisting you in moving towards a more positive and fulfilling way of life.